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about. BasikApparel.com

High quality, super soft, fashionable apparel. made in america. made just for you.

we are all about bringing things back to basiks and providing high quality and perfect fitting apparel that you just can't find anywhere else in the world. we achieve this by working with our team to come up with with our own super soft materials, unique styles and fashion forward designs.

We take pride in being 100% MADE IN AMERICA from all of our materials to the production and designs of every single piece that we produce.

We specialize in in-between sizes, for the man who likes the medium fit of a shirt but the length of a large.

we enjoy working with our top design and stylist team, coming up with the leading fashion designs for both men and women that can be worn during a fun night out on the town or a good session at the gym.

we provide the canvas. you create the masterpiece.á

Ever seen a really cool quote, a beatiful sunset picture on instagram, or even a friends picture on facebook that you've always wanted to put on a t-shirt? need that perfect super custom birthday present? ever thought about starting your own clothing line but don't have the means? hate all the boxy styles of stuff that's available out there?

forget about small screen print areas. we have no limits, we can print any design any size you can think of, including ALL OVER printing, where you can make any blank into a fully styled pattern. that's right you can cover the entire shirt with one of your own pictures or designs.

pick any one of our blank designs, send us your idea and or design and we can help you create your masterpiece.